We Are For The Wild Places REVIEW

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Dave Baxter or Avalanche City as he is better known, has just released his second album We Are For The Wild Places. Following on from the success of 2011’s Our New Life Ahout The Ground, this is an album filled with love and joy right from the very beginning. Playing the majority of the instruments himself, Baxter has created an album that is glittered with lovely horn arrangements and blissful acoustic pop songwriting.

Opening with ‘I Need You’ there are some great horn arrangements in this track and the smile immediately crept onto my face as i realised that this is an album that is incredibly impressive and following on from the incredibly successful Our New Life Above The Ground, this album definitely steps it up a notch in terms of independent pop songwriting. The choruses are catchy, the instrumentation is slick and beautiful both at the same time and everything about this album is worth checking out.

The lead single is ‘Inside Out’ and opening with a reverb drenched guitar line, it is easy to see that Matt Corby or Asgeir could cover this song easily for a acoustic radio performance. The thing about songwriting is that you know its a good one when you strip back all of the elements and horn lines of everything and just hear it with the bare bones. One of the coolest performances of the song (although the album has only been out for a few weeks) is when Dave popped into New Zealand radio station Life Fm. Check out this awesome performance below. Complete with vintage recording equipment and a tape to tape machine, if Avalanche City does a full Australian tour you can definitely tell that i will be front row.

Mr Dave Baxter, you have definitely stepped it up with this second album. Well done sir! If your in the mood for some chilled out acoustic tunes for your relaxation and happy times, then go no further than We Are For The Wild Places.


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