The Pleasure Garden Set To Rock Catani Gardens with The Cat Empire and more

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Summer’s biggest party is here. Next Saturday, Catani Gardens, is set to be transformed into the most unique and entertaining party, Melbourne has seen this year in the shape of The Pleasure Garden. In the lead up to the event, I got the opportunity to sit down with Goose to have a chat about what to expect from next weekend’s event. As we chat the sun is beating down on another Melbourne afternoon, and with that comes the excitement of what is about to go down. “We’ve got people in the workshop, we have builds going on, it’s all systems go here. It’s really exciting”

With 12 different performance spaces, The Pleasure Garden is set to offer something for everyone to enjoy. Roving performers, art installations, thematic stages, there is a lot to endure without having touched the tip of the iceberg. “We have a lot of things going on in the festival grounds. I don’t want to give too much away, but why the hell not…” Goose jests as he spills the beans on what they are rockin. “We have one stage is going to be a 21 metre wide, 8 metre tall conservatory with a stage in the middle of it, another stage is going to be a 18 metre wide organic recycled timber sunrasia. We have the bandstand rotunda too, which is like the jewel in the crown. We have cabaret and brass bands and all sorts of quirky stuff to check out as well.”

Like the majority of festivals all around the world these days, The Pleasure Garden are trying to do their bit for the environment with the eco sustainable builds going on around the site with 100% recycled materials being used. “We are trying to create this festival and have a massive impact on the festival scene of Melbourne, that said though we are trying to do it in the most sustainable way possible. All of the food traders, will be using compostable cutlery and crockery. We are trying to make it amazing, without making it wasteful.”

As one of the festival organisers For PG, Goose has worked on some of the biggest festivals around including Glastonbury, Boomtown and Secret Garden Party. All of these experiences have allowed the organisers to see what works in a festival and be able to bring the party vibes to St. Kilda. “This is year one and there is always going to be other areas that you can improve on. It’s a constant project for us and we want to keep pushing more and more. I think in 2016, its important for festivals to do what they can, when they can. When I first started out in this industry, I nearly quit. I’ve had enough and I went to Africa to teach permaculture because the industry was so wasteful. It feels good to be making a difference with Pleasure Garden.”

One of the best things on the music artist side of things is that the lady of 2016, Tash Sultana will be getting up to play some tunes. Many people have been asking Goose lately, who his hot tip for the festival is and Sultana is up there. “We booked Tash just before the break. We wanted to be a bit diverse with the lineup and so we have some of your favourites like Cat Empire who I’ve loved since I was 14. We’ve also booked some artists that have never been to Australia like Dub Pistols Sound System. I think people are going to find something that will surprise them and leave them walking away wanting more. See you down there!”




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