The Griswolds Play Pandora

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Daniel Duque- Perez is in bed and it’s 4pm in Los Angeles as we begin to chat about their illusive return to the Australian rock scene with their forthcoming record High Times For Low Lives. This week sees them join the likes of Ecca Vandal, Seth Sentry, Ladyhawke and Nicole Millar for the inaugural Pandora Warehouse party in Sydney. “Things were pretty loose last night mate and I am pretty hung over. We played a big gig last night and things just snowballed from there. We are about a block from Hollywood Boulevard, it’s pretty sunny and things are pretty sweet right now and I kinda feel that we have made it as a band now.”

The band as we chat are about to play a show at the Rickshaw in San Francisco and it’s pretty remarkable to see just how far they have come off the back of their debut album Be Impressive. “The other day we were on the Today show and it was a really good opportunity for us. They were really nice to us and gave us such a good reception and were really warm and friendly to us. It’s crazy how well things have taken off for us on this US tour. The new album is a little bit darker than what we have previously done. My mum is a big critic of the songs that I write and we wanted to move away from the Indie pop rock sound of what we have previously done. I can’t wait to see what people think of it when it is released in a couple of months.”

Out of My Head is the latest single for the band and showcases the new direction that Perez was talking about. It’s a little bit radio friendly and has a few massive hooks. If this is anything to go by, well High Times For Love Lives is going to be a highlight of 2016’s Australian releases. “We can’t wait to get back and play the Pandora party, having the opportunity to see Ecca Vandal jump up and play will be awesome. We can’t wait and it’s been too long since we’ve played in Australia, as we have done a lot of overseas commitments recently.” Perez feels that Berocca and a banana is the go to try and rid himself of the night before and perking up before their show in Frisco.

More news on the new album as it comes to hand. Check out their latest single below:

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