The Forgotten Albums : Coldplay- Ghost Stories

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Restless and unsure of what to do, I fired up my Macbook. I needed some relief and relaxation from the taxing stresses playing on my mind. Usually to get to sleep, I drift off to some easy going electronica, which got me to thinking about a new segment that could provide you the listener with albums and artists that you wouldn’t really necessarily know. Call it a ICYMI or a forgotten albums kind of deal, there’s an over-saturation of music at play most of the time and thus, The Forgotten Albums will give you links, videos and all the impetus to go back and indulge in albums that may have past you by.

First on my ever-flowing list of great music titles is Coldplay’s 2014 album: Ghost Stories. Written at a time where there was a lot of personal things going on in the lives of the members of the band, it is an honest album that works both sonically and lyrically.  Following on from Mylo Xyloto in the times after working with Brian Eno, the band had experimented with many different elements and sounds which drew them to create one of the albums of their career.

Love it or hate it, from a perspective of songwriting, Ghost Stories is a masterful stroke of songwriting. Yes, music is subjective and yes, Coldplay are one of my favourite bands however, this is an album that continually baffles me with the amount of amazing composition throughout the albums nine tracks and over the course of 40 minutes.

From Choral arrangements to electronic drum kits, sweeping arrays of acoustic guitar in ‘Oceans’ to four to the floor beats in ‘A Sky Full of Stars’, Ghost Stories is the perfect example of early era acoustic mixed with dance floor fillers. If your listening to Ghost Stories, give yourself an hour and just mellow out to it. At a point, it seems like a driving soundtrack album because I was on the road when it clicked in my mind that it was ‘masterful’. No matter your feelings on Coldplay, or whether you love Ghost Stories and just haven’t listened to it in a while, its a good one to go back to.

It may be about Chris Martin’s separation from Gwyneth Paltrow but at its essence, Ghost Stories is an album brimming with lush explorative instrumentation that will help you mellow out in stressful times.

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