Sannia Braves it All on ‘Go and Get Over’ as Well as Announces Melbourne Release Show

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She might have captured your heart on The Voice back in 2013, yet you might just be getting to wrap your ears around the soulful Joss Stone-esque vocals of Jackie Sannia, never the less, we have all arrived at the same place. Now we are here, we can all embrace in the powerful yet emotive sound of ‘Go and Get Over’ which is her debut single. 

With shades of Vera Blue and Meg Mac present in her vocal range, the track takes on the big struggle for all of us at some point in our lives, moving on from heartbreak. The minimalistic approach of the video clip which can be seen below says everything you really need to know. Soft pushes of electro synth beats snake around the delicate piano pushes which results in a feel good vibe to help any of us struggling to forget a loved one.

Directed by Giulia McGauran who has worked previously with current Australian luminaries such as The Rubens, Alex Lahey and Meg Mac, this is only the beginning for Sannia who has big plans for the rest of 2018. To launch this single into the ether, Sannia will be dropping by the laid back vibes of the Wesley Anne in Northcote on Friday July 13. Wondering what to expect from the performance? Well apart from a stack of new gear, Sannia will be some lame jokes and present the most honest version of herself.

Wanna witness this in the flesh, head here. Otherwise turn it up to 11 and be ready to belt out some soulful pop.



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