Rufus Bloom Review

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 When Rufus released their debut album Atlas back in 2013, the world went absolutely nuts for their highly energetic brand of dance music and it was definitely one of the albums of the year. From the big drops and emotional builds throughout their tracks, the success that followed showed that they were bound to be a massive name in the Australian dance music scene. Sundream, Take Me, Desert Night presented so many classic tracks that following up with the next album would prove to be a challenge. Fast forward to 2016 and the release of Bloom and put simply, there is a strong contender for album of the year.

Opening with Brighter, Bloom builds on the energy and intensity of it’s predecessor and takes it further to another level. One of the most interesting things behind this album is the philosophy to make the album flow from start to finish. In 2016, where music lovers can cherry pick their favourite songs from ITunes and their favourite online platforms, it seems that the album journey has died along the way. That is not the case with Bloom however. From just one look at Innerbloom the first single and closing track of the album, it is the perfect finish to 2016’s greatest dance release.

Clocking in at nine and a half minutes, it builds slowly and like a fine wine gets better with age or in terms of the song as it reaches it’s climax. There are all your favourite elements of the signature RUFUS sound in this album and if for some reason you haven’t checked it out yet, then you should definitely get on it. Brighter, Like An Animal, Say A Prayer For Me, You Were Right, there are so many great tracks on this album and it makes the process of picking your Hottest 100 shortlist all the more harder with all of these delectable gems.

Rufus, well done on another bloody ripper album and you should definitely get your tickets to see this album live in the flesh, because otherwise you will regret it.

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