Last Dinosaurs Wellness Album Review

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Last Dinosaurs have just released their highly awaited second album Wellness and as you would expect, it is glittered with the classic sound of the band that has adorned their debut In A Million Years and EP Back From The Dead. It’s been a while between drinks for this Brisbane indie rock kids, but Wellness is an assured welcome return to the Australian music landscape. Together with reverby electric guitar and glittering synth runs that their debut album was well acclaimed for, through the main first single ‘Evie’ you are able to picture yourself on a beach, beer in hand, grooving away to their glorious summertime sounds.

Taking on influence from all across the board, one of the main singles off this record ‘Apollo’, is inspired by the red pill/blue pill scene from The Matrix. Where Neo decides about whether he wants to continue with the crazy journey that is happening to him, or return to reality. From listening to this record from start to finish, it’s easy to hear the organic flow between tracks.


If you have seen Last Dinosaurs before, you will know that they are all about having a good time and bringing the high-energy party vibes to their set. Having played at Splendour in the Grass and toured with I Know Leopard, these songs are definitely going to be well worn in by the time they hit the stage in September and October. Produced by Scott Horscraft who is a legendary Australian producer having worked with Silverchair, The Presets and Empire of the Sun, the sounds on this album are glorious and Wellness is in perfect time for the summer music festival season.

I think it’s fair to say that this album is the perfect compliment to a summer roadtrip down the coast. Whack this on your Ipod or in the CD Player and relax as the wind blows through your hair down the open road. Impressive indie guitar pop that is a big step up from In A Million Years


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