Kylie Auldist showcases one of the best in Family Tree

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Kylie Auldist is the ‘it girl’ of the moment. Currently the vocalist behind the Kungs vs Cookin on 3 Burners remix of This Girl, a track that is blowing up all around the club scene around the world and was initially released in 2009. With her new album Family Tree however, she is moving into new territory and bringing with her some exciting new songs. From the opening drop of the first track Sensational, you are hooked into this trance like groove that will make you feel that you have just taken a trip in the time machine to the eighties. Combining many different synth electro parts with her powerhouse vocals, this is a new sound that works right from the get go. You may be a bit sceptical for a little bit, yet a few listens in and the melodies and the hooks will stick in your mind for days.

Having completed quite a few short trips to the UK, Auldist is back in the country and playing at The Night Cat in Fitzroy this Friday night. If you haven’t got your tickets to that show, be sure to snap them up because Family Tree is a seriously great listen and you will be kicking yourself for days if you miss it. With a rippin’ saxophone solo on the Cold Chisel classic Saturday Night, Family Tree is an album that just continually builds with intensity as the tracks roll on. Slick production from the likes of Graeme Pogson and Lance Ferguson have allowed this to develop into a release that is quickly becoming one of my favourites of 2016.

No Change, Warming Up The Sun and Rewards are all highlights on an album that still showcases that Disco can be cool within 2016. If you aren’t able to make it out to the single shows this weekend, be sure to hit up the Queenscliff Music Festival in late November for a rollicking good time alongside Ben Harper, Paul Kelly and the Doug Anthony Allstars to name but just a few. Thank you Kylie Auldist for delivering one of the best albums of 2016 in Family Tree, it’s a bold move to reinvent yourself musically, but you have hit the mark with this one and everyone should get it around their ears now.

Night Cat Tickets here: The Night Cat Tickets

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