Holy Holy Live Review Corner Hotel November 11th 2016

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Stepping through the doors of the Corner Hotel, despite the hell of a week it has been, a smooth comfort rolls over me as I take up a position to watch the opening act of Holy Holy’s Darwinism single tour which can be revealed as the new album Paint that will be with us on February 24. Having listened to a few tracks online before heading to the venue, I was excited to see Alex L’Strange live. It seems to be that every time I have headed along to the Corner, I have fallen in love with the supports. This time was no different.

Complete with a ripping moustache, Paisley shirt and a maple Telecaster, it’s the perfect start to the night and as I stand watching, I lose track of how many amazing gigs I have seen there. Opening with a little Psych rock number that pulls the crowd in and sounding a little bit Tame Impala-y, the tremolo from the guitar rings out in the coda of the song. In The Red sounds like a jangly guitar pop number of the highest order, that could well be an anthem of the 2017 Australian summer.

In the notes on my phone, I write in ‘lead guitarist playing a Fender Coronado a beautiful guitar that seems like a rarity at gigs these days.’. After trying to figure out for a few minutes who it is, L’Strange reveals that it is none other than Sam Cromack from Ball Park Music. It’s kind of a really cool moment to see Mr Cromack in a rhythm guitar playing capacity and together with their coordinated rock moves, Alex L’Strange shows that he is a force to watch over the next 12 months in Australian music. Crowd favourite Mr Mild goes down a treat and closes the set off with Favourite Star.

Combining two keyboards, violin, drums, bass and guitar, I Know Leopard since the release of their EP Illumina have shown why they are one of the best indie pop bands around. Sounding a little like Forest Falls and Beach House, highlights of their set included Another Life, Spaceships and Rather Be Lonely.

The curtain closed on the stage and the venue was abuzz with excitement for what was to come for the Brisbane via Sweden band. A lengthy drum loop rings out as the band takes to the stage to launch into what I believe is a new track. Their touring throughout European over the past 12 months has really defined them as a great live act and there has been a real evolution of sound. If I Were You off their debut album When The Storms Would Come is a early highlight before Tim Carroll introduces Sentimental And Monday. Heading back to an older tune Impossible Like You of their debut EP, Holy Holy proved once again that with the release of their new album Paint next year are able to bring a great rocking show to the live stage.

Definitely worth checking out on their tour next year upon release of album #2. A highly enjoyable evening.

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