Holy Holy Hit The Corner Hotel and Workers Club This Weekend

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The last time I spoke with Tim Carroll, was when Holy Holy had just played at Primavera Sound alongside The Strokes, their album When The Storms Would Come was about to do the rounds and they were on the verge of superstardom. “Wow! Was I overseas at that point? I think I was hanging out in Sweden when we spoke.” It’s been a whirlwind 18 months for both Oscar and Tim and the band are in 2017 going to give us the follow up we have all been waiting for.

When The Storms Would Come featured some epic guitar lines from both Tim and Oscar and songs like You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog have become such staples in their live shows. Talking about their recent run of shows, it is quite an exciting time for the Brisbane via Sweden band. “It’s been busy, but it’s also been exciting. There are a lot of things happening in the background as we approach the new record being released. All those things take time and it’s crunch time at the moment. There are a lot of deadlines for mixes and artwork and a lot of work going into the next tour as well. At the moment, I am hanging out in the North East of Tasmania and it’s a really nice day.”

Darwinism is the latest single for the band and picks up where the first record left us. It’s radio-friendly, catchy as all hell and makes you wanna groove. It’s the first taste that we have of the new album and as I find out it is to be released in the first quarter of 2017. “The new record is well underway. We have recorded ¾ of it and have one more session in the studio at the beginning of December where we will be able to sit back and look at what we have got and assess from there.

On our recent European tour we were playing 4 new songs and they went down really well. I feel that Darwinism, says something about the new record, but it doesn’t say it all. I think it’s a track that’s more indie rock territory and the rest of the album is moving in a different direction.”


The band are set to play at the Corner Hotel on Friday night and Workers Club in Geelong on Saturday. Tickets can be bought here:

Corner Hotel Tickets

Workers Club Tickets

More details on the new record as they come to light.

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