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Billy Fleming and Zach Stephenson (although they won’t admit it) are lost in Sydney. Luckily they have the best part of an hour to get to their destination, which is the holy grail of Australian music in Triple J. “Mate, we are on our way into Triple J and to be honest. It’s a little bit crowded out here at the moment, traffic seems to be at a standstill but I’m fully confident in Zach’s driving. We are choosing some mates bands for Unearthed high or something, it should be a bit of fun.” One thing that I can summise from the get go, is that Hockey Dad are two chaps that make great fun time surf-y rock and roll/punk music and are cool calm and collected under the collar.

Earlier this year, the band made a triumphant debut at SXSW, and impressed everyone despite only having the EP Dreamin’ released to the world. Over the course of the past two years, the band has achieved a multitude of things. From winning Triple J Unearthed and getting the opportunity to play alongside Alt J, Cold War Kids and Vance Joy at Falls Festival, to playing SXSW and currently touring throughout the US, the fruits of their labour have finally paid off in their highly infectious (record of the Australian summer) debut Boronia.

When they originally set off to play at SXSW, the conference in which 30,000 people flock to in March every year, I bet that they didn’t really think that Hockey Dad would be the next big stars of the Spanish TV news. “I wasn’t expecting it to be so insane. There was a ridiculous amount of people there, and I have never seen that many people in my life. It was crazy. We played this pretty dingy house party on the outskirts of Austin and it was one of the unofficial ones. We got into it and all of a sudden a whole bunch of cops rocked up, with the Spanish news team. I don’t know what was happening. Luckily we weren’t breaking the law. It was such a classic thing to happen and I guess it might work into our favour when the tour hits Spain.”

With a massive US tour over the next few weeks before the band tackles the Moon Pizza Music and Music bar in Wellington before hitting up Howler in Brunswick on the 30th of September. No doubt the band will take on the summer touring circuit which hopefully will include the Falls Music and Arts Festival. The line-up is to be announced next Tuesday 23rd of August. “It’ll be great to head out on the road over the summer period. Nothing has been announced as of yet, however we have spent more time overseas than here this year. You can expect to see us out and about and it’ll be awesome to see how many people are frothin’ over it. Cheers for the support and see you out on the road!”

Check out the masterful clip for Can’t Have Them Below: 

Tickets On Sale Now: Hockey Dad Live At Howler

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