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Sitting in his hotel room in Austin, a quaint smile passes across Dan Gleason’s face as we begin to chat about Grouplove’s new record Big Mess that will see them cross back to Australia over New Year’s for the Falls Festival in Byron Bay and Marion Bay, Lorne and for the first time ever FREMANTLE

“I’m in Austin and we are finishing up a US tour. I can see the highway from my window and I’m glad I am not out in the traffic right now. We are headed out to the Moody Theatre tonight to see a show and I’m going to grab a bite to eat somewhere after this. A few of the band members are sick at the moment and I guess that’s testament to being on tour. We’ve been going so hard and so long when you do that you kind of run yourself into the ground sometimes. We’re on the mend and things are looking good. We are really excited to get back to Australia once again and this tour is going to be a lot of fun.” Gleason says.

Big Mess, the illusive follow-up to 2014’s Spreading Rumours, sees the band move into a bit of a different direction. The sounds that you have grown to love over the past two albums are still prevalent throughout the new material, however it sounds a little more anthemic and ready for the Valley stage with a cast of thousands singing along at the top of their lungs.  For part of this album, the band headed up to Seattle to work with the legendary Phil Ek, an experience that has definitely paid off with album #3 giving Grouplove their most unified work yet. “There is not a set way of writing in this band. There is a song on this record called Spinning which we were all in the room for and that we all created together. There is another song called Enlighten Me that was pretty faithful to Christian’s original demo. We work with whatever is working in the moment, it’s all about finding that inspiration and chasing it and not losing it.”

Coming into the fold of Grouplove in 2013, it was a mutual connection through Manchester Orchestra that landed Gleason the gig. Following the departure of Gadd, Gleason fitted right into the mould and remembers the first gig that he played with the band. “I flew out to LA a day after talking to them for the first time. I was playing a show with them the day after that. It was a pretty quick transition and I’ve never felt that before. Instantly I felt very comfortable and I understood where the songs were coming from emotionally and musically. First conversation I ever had with Christian, within two minutes we were talking about Neil Young and Sonic Youth and relating to different music we grew up on.”

Having grown up in a small town outside Detroit, one of the main bands that Gleason grew up listening to was legendary Oxford band Radiohead. Talking about his favourite albums of the year, A Moon Shaped Pool definitely makes the list. “Christian and I just saw them in LA and we were fifth row back and I had only ever seen them in bigger venues and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. They played the first five songs of A Moon Shaped Pool in a row and I think the record is a little heartbreaking and a spacy folk album. I listen to it all the time. I particularly love track 5. You should all check it out if you haven’t already. We can’t wait to be back in Aus, see you out there!”

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