Falls Festival 2016/ 2017 Review

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The Falls Music and Arts Festival is a New Years experience like none other. This was the fifth or sixth time that I had headed down to the best New Years around and although I hadn’t really studied the form guide pre event, I knew that I was in for a good time none the less. I had just returned from Echuca visiting family over Christmas, so to get into the hills and into the Boogie Nights vibe where everybody was glittered in gold was a welcome change to the previous summer heatwave.

Doing four days at the Falls Festival, is like participating in a big marathon you don’t want to peak too early. That said, Hot Dub Time Machine kept everyone in check dancing the night away. It’s hard to describe how every band was at a four day festival, yet I have to call it (and I’m sure that I’m not the only one in saying this) Gretta Ray is bound for a massive 2017. Off the back of winning the Vanda and Young Songwriting Prize for her song ‘Drive’, the debut album and national tour is going to be vying quite heavily for gig of the year.

FallsFestival161231-107After Broods played a highly energetic set off the back of their latest album Conscious, everyone was gathered for what was about to go with the one, the only Childish Gambino. The set that he played off the back of “Awaken My Love” one of my favourite records of 2016, was nothing short of brilliant. Opening with ‘Me and Your Momma’, it was a lights and visual show that dazzled as well as bringing all the hits including ‘Sober’, ‘Sweatpants’ and closing with ‘3005’.

The DMA’s set at the 2016/2017 leg of Falls Lorne, will always be remembered by the stampede, yet it didn’t dampen the mood of FallsFestival161231-76partygoers which was closed out by The Avalanches bringing in the new year with their second album Wildflower. It may have been a live show 16 years in the making, yet it was the perfect setting to seeing out of the worst years in music history. Thanks for bringing the fun new year times Falls Festival. You bloody ripper!


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