Evil Eddie looks back at 15 years of Breakfast At Fatboys

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Since announcing the Breakfast At Fatboys tour late last year, a lot of people may have been thinking about what Butterfingers have been up to since they went into hiatus in 2009.

When it was released back in 2004,  Breakfast At Fatboys gave Butterfingers some pretty big opportunities with the band being added to the bill of some of the biggest shows this country has to offer including Falls Festival, Woodford, Splendour in the Grass, Big Day Out and Pyramid Rock to name but just a few.

As I begin to sit down to chat with Evil Eddie about the band and how it feels to be hitting the road to celebrate 15 years of the debut album, he is currently on baby sitting duties. “As you can hear I’ve got a one year old baby crawling all over me, dribbling with a nose full of snot at the moment. So that’s part of what’s been going on. I had a solo record that came out a while ago and started a graphic design business.  I’ve got so many little projects (on the go) that it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on as well.” Eddie relates which is probably how the chronic jaw clenching of recent times started.

“I’m thinking too much I think” Eddie continues, “When I’m asleep, when I’m awake, I’m really tense all the time. (That said) it’s good to be working on a lot of different things”

One of the biggest tracks off Breakfast At Fatboys is ‘I Love Work’ which was voted into the Hottest 100 of 2003 at no. 15. For those that haven’t heard it, the song takes about how difficult it can be to work for a boss and be a cog in the employer-employee wheel. “I don’t really like working for people, I’ve just got this thing about it. If I got pushed into a corner and had to go get a job, I think I’d feel like how I was when I wrote ‘I Love Work’.”

A lot of things can happen in 15 years from world leaders changing hands, to natural events and changes in technology which have an impact on the music industry, so how does Evil Eddie perceive the industry and global matters in 2019?

“It’s easier to get all the bad news (of the day) now because we’re not just watching the 7 o clock news program. We’ve got Facebook and Instagram and online media sites. It’s easier to think about the world as a terrible and much worse place then it was 15 years ago, but I think that it’s really just the same. I never used to watch the news a long time ago, but I matured up for a while and used to pay attention to what was going on but now, I just live my own life. Try to ignore what’s going on outside unless, it is going to directly affect me.”

Heading out on the road at the start of March, the tour winds it’s way around the country over the course of 2 months. As you would expect, Evil Eddie is pretty excited about getting back behind the microphone, so what can fans expect from the show? “We are playing the whole album from start to finish in order I believe. If you listen to the record and just try to imagine that live, that’s what you are going to get. The whole idea of this tour, is to bring back those memories of that time. I hope that everyone relives the tour from 2004 because it was just hyped. So much electricity in the air, I hope it’ll be the same this time round, 15 years later.”

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