Comparing The Two: On The Corner Where You Live vs. On The Train Home

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On The Corner Where You Live

There’s something about Sam Benson’s voice that makes everything alright. No matter the stress that you are going through in your life, The Paper Kites are the perfect soundtrack.

There’s been many stressful moments in which TPK have been the saviour to me personally and given they have released two albums in 2018, I thought it would be interesting to write a piece comparing sonically how On The Train Home and On The Corner Where You Live  sound one after another. 

Three years on from Twelvefour, The Paper Kites broke the news on Facebook that they would be trying something a little different and dropping two full lengths in the one calendar year. Yes, its not as prolific as King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, but it’s a feat none the less. 

Opening with the delicate picking of acoustic guitar, ‘Nothing More Than That’ is a minimalistic introduction to OTTH. Featuring Benson’s delicate vocals that are a silky as a glass of scotch, the album builds into a listen full of sweeping instrumentation and delicate stories, that makes it a little sad that the run time is around just 30 minutes. But everyone remembers the controversy of Kayne releasing a 23 minute album back in June right?

On The Train Home, the predecessor to
‘On The Corner Where You Live’ 

Both of these albums feature field recordings of public transport throughout, however the sultry Saxophone intro in ‘Gathering On 57th’ which echoes the ghost of Clarence Clemons, makes me think that On The Corner Where You Live takes the cake on album opening tracks. Music however, is subjective. So have a listen and make your own mind up.

My truly best advice to you though, is to stick both of these albums on a playlist and listen to them back to back. If you haven’t heard of the Paper Kites in quite a while, take a dive into the deep end and reinvigorate your love for them. Whether the soundtrack to a winter getaway or a relaxing dinner party with good company, The Paper Kites on these two albums have continued to excel and push the boundaries of their music. 

With familiar sounds and elements from their previous albums, everyone should find some solace in listening to these two albums whether separately or back to back. 

The Paper Kites are on tour in early 2019 playing at The Forum in Melbourne on Saturday March 23.  You can read more on the tour here

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