Buchanan pull the ripCORD with Keith!

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Few musicians have been busier this year than front man for Buchanan, Josh Simons. Not only, has he released both a live album and studio album with his band, but they have also been picked as the support slot for Keith Urban’s ripCORD tour this week in Melbourne but he has also been developing what can be described as the “Tinder for musicians” music app, Vampr. With all of this going and having lived out of a suitcase for the best part of 12 months, how does Simon’s get a chance to rest? “It’s been a busy year and I usually rest between 2am and 6am. At the moment, as we speak I am in rehearsals with the band for these Keith shows and I’ve just grabbed a coffee.”

Having lived between UK and America this year, Vampr, just one of the many topics we covered in our chat, is going to revolutionise the way that musicians interact with each other. “It’s taking over my life, if I’m being honest with you. I had the idea when I left London in 2014. I had to start at the bottom of the food chain when I got to both America and the UK in terms of hooking into the music scene. LinkedIn is great for lawyers and accountants but not for musicians. I started a journey that has now turned into a $5million company and it’s about to launch on Android. It’s a very stressful and exciting time right now.”

Sweating like a pig on the spit in the start of Melbourne summer, Simons is full of gusto as we begin to chat about the opportunity of a lifetime, in playing alongside Urban. “I got a phone call from our agent when I was overseas and he said ‘they’ve called us this morning and they need an answer today, can you do this tour?’ I didn’t even know the tour was happening and have little knowledge of Keith but I was genuinely humbled and shocked when I got the call. Of course, I had no idea what country I would be in or where I would be when the shows rolled around. It’s not like you can pass up that offer though is it? Buchanan music was always written for that stadium environment, it’s gonna be a lot of fun heading out on the road with Keith.”

For this the third album Simons had the opportunity to work alongside Anthony Kilhoffer who is the genius behind Kanye West’s back catalogue. No doubt when your sitting in Kanye’s studio, it’d be a bit of pinch yourself moment right? “The purpose of Buchanan right from the get go was to build the sound to be the biggest that it could. With the first record, it was a little bit indie and like Coldplay and the second time around I worked with a dance producer to create a headphones album. After writing Careless Game with Troye Sivan, I hit up someone’s manager and they put me onto Kilhoffer. I got to this building and there was gates and security cameras and so I asked where I was and the reply was ‘Welcome to Good music. It was surreal to work in Kanye’s fortress, because everything that comes out of there turns to gold.”

After a massive 2016, Buchanan are on the road with Urban and then Vampr are moving headquarters in the US, so if you thought that there was any signs of slowing down for Josh Simons, you would be wrong. Watch this space for Simon and Buchanan’s next move.

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