Boy and Bear Limit of Love Review

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Boy and Bear have just released their brilliant new album Limit of Love and right from the beginning you are able to see that this is both a) a band on the rise and b) they have created definitely without one shadow of a doubt, the most expansive and creative album of their career. Opening with the title track which is a little bit psychedelic in terms of the synth lines, this album is sure to warm your heart right off the bat. You might remember that B and B toured all around the country doing a few laps on the back of their previous album Harlequin Dream and headed off to Peter Gabriel’s studio to record with Ethan Johns.

It’s funny to think how this album would have sounded with any other producer, because Johns is an absolute master. You are able to read the interview with Killian Gavin guitarist for the group who as we chatted had the biggest smile on his face as he related about recording with Johns. Having worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, Ray Lamontagne, Crosby Stills and Nash, this album is recorded just as all of the classics of yester year were, live to tape with very little overdubs.

Having worked into these songs from playing all over the world, Limit Of Love is in its purest form, a blissful and chilled out record. In an age where listeners seem to be cherry-picking songs off Itunes more and more, you would think that maybe the album journey has disappeared, however this is one of the most free flowing and impressive albums of 2015. Tracks like ‘Hollow Ground and Break Down Slow offer hints of soundscape from previous tunes off Moonfire and Harlequin Dream and it is easy to get lost in the somewhat dreamy pop landscapes that Boy and Bear have created. Throughout this record Gavin’s guitar lines sound majestic and honourable and almost like a soaring eagle flying across the wide open country side.

You should probably get on one of the albums of the year and get tickets to their show hitting major capital cities in January 2016.



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