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josh-pyke-bob-evans-2016Josh Pyke and Bob Evans are headed out on the road together for the first time in a decade. Across November and December, Pyke and Evans will combine forces just like they did back in 2006. The start of this Interview is marred with hilarity as I relate to the two chaps about the last time that I interviewed them which was when Josh released But For All These Shrinking Hearts released last year and when Bob and I met over the Iceberg lettuce in the fresh produce department of Ocean Grove Safeway, where he now resides.

“Your kidding right!?” Bob Evans starts. “That’s funny. That’s my style and how I like to roll these days. I’ve had the funniest shopping centre experiences where before I moved to Ocean Grove, I was living in the outer western suburbs of Melbourne. I was at the local shopping centre and was approached by a guy that recognized me as Kev from Jebediah. He then asked “Kev, maaaaate. What are you doing here?” I responded by saying I was shopping for vegetables. I think he thought that because I was a mega rock star I shopped at an exclusive store. It was pretty funny.”

Josh throughout his career has had a similar experience where by he was riding a bus to the gold record ceremony for Chimney’s Afire. A lot can happen in 10 years and just quickly I ran the boys through some major events on 2006. It was the year that Steve Irwin sadly passed, the last year of the great Australian cricket team and the year that Twitter launched. Bob relates that he didn’t get on the Twitter bandwagon until 2013. “I don’t think that I had a Facebook account and I was a year into MySpace in 2006.” Bob relates.

Meanwhile Josh was not really on it in terms of Social media in 2006.”I didn’t have an email address until 2003. I didn’t need one and thought it was quite lame to have one. Once social media became a thing, I was quickly to get amongst it. Now I spend three hours a day at least doing different tasks.”

Together the pair can’t wait to head out on the road. “Last time we played, we did separate sets. This time around, it’s both of us on stage for the duration of the night.” Having a flair for putting their own spin on covers, you might expect a cheeky one on stage. “We might dress up as Stevie Wonder and do Ebony and Ivory. We can’t wait to play and we’ll see you out there!”



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