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Zenith Moon have a cracking new single and video out which you can wrap your eyeballs around here. However that said, I thought as it was coming out to the middle of the year, that time when its coming to the pointy end of the season and all the major players in online journalism decide what their favourite tracks and albums of the year are. Why not, for the hell of it get one of the guys from Zenith Moon to give us their favourite five tracks of the year?

Drummer Andie Zarins (the biggest legend) has been lovely enough to sit down and curate for you, his favourite five singles of 2018.

    1. Ocean Alley – Confidence
      Infectious vocal hooks, funky bass and luscious instrumentation. What’s not to love? It reminds me (Andie) of the small coastal towns near where I grew up. It embodies the spirit of the younger crowd in Australia and we can’t help but be in love with it for that reason. They’re also filling the gap that Sticky Fingers left, which we’re personally grateful for.

  1. Childish Gambino- This Is America
    I know we’re a rock band and all, but I mean come on, Childish Gambino is making some serious waves in the music world right now. We’re all fans of high intensity music, so the drive of the bass and the heavy hitting nature of the song’s meaning really appeals to us. This is trap done well, (and we’ll make it clear that this is the closest we get to trap). The gospel influence in the track creates a powerful hook and fits in with the songs meaning super well. This is all to say nothing of the music video, which is pure genius.

    1. Jack White- Over and Over
      Jack White is synonymous with odd, that much is clear. He has definitely captured something with his sound, we’re not exactly sure what, but it’s something worth paying attention to. This song is the epitome of simple songwriting and it really shows how far only a few simple ideas can get you. We also tried to steal his guitar sound for one of our own tunes, however, it didn’t work even in the slightest. Jack White – 1, Zenith Moon – 0.

    1. Gosh- Isle of Pines
      Gosh is a small band up in Wollongong. We stumbled across them while researching bands in that area, and we’re pretty floored with this tune. It’s their second offering to the world and we’re super keen to see what they do next. The chorus has a hook that worms into your brain and won’t leave it for days on end, and we love their lo-fi indie schtick – the video is hilarious.

1.   A Perfect Circle-  So Long and Thanks For All The Fish
Listening to A Perfect Circle is (sometimes) like falling into a deep reverie during the twilight hours of a summer sunday. Or like getting into a nice warm bath at the end of a hard day. The texture is lush, the production is out of this world and the message of the song captures the ‘absurdity of modern existence.’ Definitely sounds like a mid-bath thought to us.

Zenith Moon launch their new single ‘Inhibition’ at The Grace Darling on Thursday June 28. Get your tickets here  

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