WHEN I FIRST HEARD.. With Sarah McLeod

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I had the idea the other day to try something a little different. From just one little google around the internet, you can find a stack of different content about some of the world’s biggest and most interesting acts. So that was when i decided to take things a little further in creating content that would expand the mind of readers to the bands that they love. 

That’s when the idea of When I First Heard came to mind. To kick it off, one of the great front-women in Australian music told The Night Vibe about her love for Ray Charles. Since forming in 1994, The Superjesus have become one of the those bands stitched into the fabric of the Oz music scene. 2018 sees them celebrating 20 years of their debut record Sumo. So without any further ado, let’s hear about Sarah Mcleod’s fascination with the king of cool.   

The First Time I Heard Ray Charles….  
He’s one of the world’s greatest. I’ve always been a fan but have recently become a mega fan.

He has the most incredible voice, I’d say the best male singer of all time. Joe Cocker gets compared to him a lot but Ray is the king, they call Ray the GENIUS because he is. Aside from the otherworldly feel he has in his vocal delivery, he is also an incredible piano player. Not to mention the fact that he has always been completely blind.

My Favourite Record is….  Ray Charles Sings The Blues 

Three Tracks for Essential Listening…. I love every single song he performs. There is just no one like him.

For all information regarding The Superjesus for shows and more hit up their website here

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