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The Paper Kites are back with their second album twelvefour. As you would expect with a band that has taken a couple of years to get a new album to sound right, this is the most innovative and expansive thing in the band’s history yet. Opening with ‘Electric Indigo’, the immediate sound of the record is a lot more electric and dirtier than their previous release States. Teaming up with Phil Ek who has worked with the likes of Fleet Foxes, Father John Misty and The Strokes to name but just a few, this is an album that will bring a smile to your face, no matter how bad your day is going.

Recently I got the opportunity to sit down with Sam Bentley lead singer from the band to chat about the record and you can read that here:

Like States and their previous EP’s before that, there are many great tracks to this album and that is because put quite simply Sam Bentley is a genius when it comes to Songwriting and all those late nights writing tracks from 12am-4am, has definitely paid off. ‘Neon Crimson’ is one of the band’s favourite tracks from the record and we are loving it here at The Night Vibe.

Travelling around the country throughout September and October, this band is definitely worth checking out and twelvefour is definitely going to be on our list for one of the albums of the year. Delicate and sweepingly beautiful throughout the albums 10 tracks, it is worth getting around your ears.

An evolution in sound from their previous album, it will be interesting to see where the band develops to with the next album after this. Taking influence from David Byrne (from Talking Heads fame) and the Stop Making Sense concert DVD, you might just see Sam Bentley solo acoustic on stage at the start of these concerts with a tape player. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see but in the meantime, check out this highly impressive follow up from Melbourne indie folk rockers, The Paper Kites.

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