The Tiny Giants

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 Sitting down at the infamous Piping Hot Chicken Shop in Ocean Grove, it is with great joy that I am able to chat to the boys from The Tiny Giants. 2014 has been a massive year for the band as they have released their debut album., You’re Too Excitable and looking forward to 2015 there doesn’t seem to be any signs of slowing down yet. Speaking with the whole band, it was great to get an insight into what has been a busy time of late for the trio. “2014 has been really good,” George Wilson, drummer for the band says “It’s like we have passed a hurdle that we haven’t been able to accomplish yet with our EP’s.”

An impressive psychedelic journey, the ten-track release was recorded in front man Jasper Jolley’s house. A process that Wilson feels was like ‘bathing in their own musical juices.’ Etienne Mantelli, bassist for the band feels that the main difference between the production of the EPs and the debut record, is the recording environment and the process, that was taken this time around. “The first EPs we recorded in a professional studio, and I think that is why the album sounds a lot fuller. We couldn’t really get talked down by a sound engineer, which made things easier. As kids, recording those EPs, we got afraid to ask for things and came up with a second rate product to a certain extent.” Mantelli said.

In an effort to maintain creative control of their music and the process, the band decided to record and produce, it off their own backs. A more creative flow was achieved as a result and new ideas for the follow up were also documented at the time. “Giving ourselves time and space to create the album was very beneficial I think. The recording took four days to do and we stopped to eat a lot of burgers as well. It was all pretty organic I think, it was a good experience and a big learning curve I think. It was loose and we didn’t feel that we needed to impress anybody. That felt good.” Jolley said.

Following on the garage philosophies of the band, I was able to get the inside scoop that the band was set to record the follow up in early January. In 2015, there are a lot more easier ways to record an album than spending the big bucks heading into the studio and spending all your hard earned money. You are able to retain a grungier and organic sound by just recording in your bedroom or living room. In an attempt to follow in their heroes, the band is going to try tracking drums in a bathroom to achieve a natural spring reverb sound.

Stay tuned for Inuen/Dos the sophomore release for the band, to be released later in 2015.

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