The Tiny Giants/Fenn Wilson Double Launch

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The last time that The Tiny Giants played at the Chicken Shop in Ocean Grove and released their debut CD in 2014, it was a complete sell out. You really could not fit more people in the door if you tried. This time around, it was no different. Rocking down to the Chicken Shop in the main street of Ocean Grove, I was excited about the afternoon ahead, partially because I had never in the years of being able to go out and appreciate music been to a DOUBLE album launch and to put it in a couple of words, the afternoon was simply one sweaty dance floor filler.

Rachael Hart

Opening up the show was Rachael Hart, a local songstress based in Queenscliff. From the moment that she opened her mouth when she was soundchecking aiming to replicate Thom Yorke’s blissful vocal performance on the rare track ‘True Love Waits’ which appears on their live disc I Might Be Wrong live recordings i think that the audience knew that they were in for something special. Throughout her set, she played a large number of covers and although to some people that might seem cringeworthy because people like to hear original music, but when you think about it, everyone likes to hear tracks they know so they can sing-along and Rachel’s set was impressive. Playing Bon Iver’s ‘Flume’, David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’, Angus and Julia Stone’s ‘A Heartbreak’, the highlight of Hart’s set was finishing with ‘Cold Cold Heart’ by Norah Jones. Originally on piano and a difficult song to sing, Hart impressed everybody with her impressive and distinctive singing style.

Interesting to note, after Rachel’s set, the gig was officially SOLD OUT.


Fenn Wilson


Next up, the Chicken Shop was greeted to the baritone sounds of Fenn Wilson. Releasing his debut EP or Mini Album (as it is more technically known) Tales of The Black Dog, it was quite a moment to see the man jump on stage and rock out to his original tunes given that I have followed Fenn since the start of his musical career (Fangirl much!?). As the set went on, Fenn had the audience in the palm of his hand and it was easy to hear a pin drop in the usually raucous and loud Chicken Shop environment. The surprise to his set was playing the EP in it’s entirety as well as new track ‘Ravens’.




Playing their first gig ever on stage, next up was the psychedelic sounds of Fezz. From the first moment that they stepped on stage, it was easy to see that their going to be bound for big things. Think Tame Impala and The Tiny Giants when they first started to play. With two guitars and a drum kit, the dance floor filled quickly and although some of the songs in their set were a little disjointed, the main reasoning behind this the cymbal on the drum kit (or what looked like the cymbal) came loose and put the drummer off his game for a minute or so. None the less, it was a comical moment in their set and the main impression I got from their set was their snappy titles to tracks such as ‘Fruitylexia’ and ‘Stiff Dingo’.

Finally the moment arrived that everybody had waited for, The Tiny Giants took to the stage for what was one amazingly tight set.Having only heard their track ‘Ass All Day’, I was taken back by the intro to their set. Coincidentally, the track opens their new album Innuendos. Psych rock at it’s best, i’d very much like to say that Tame Impala better watch out because their is a new band on the horizon and their new album is definitely going to be a contender for my Local album of the year. No more needs to said, check this disc out now!

Jasper Jolley, Lead Singer The Tiny Giants






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