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If The Pogues got drunk with Graveyard Train and Mumford and Sons in a bar in the deep south of America, it would start to be come reminiscent of the sound that Adelaide folk rockers The Timbers are trying to present on their debut LP Lawless. Thumping rhythms and big vocal melodies are all present in ‘Gallantry’ which is one of the standout tracks from the album. Simon Basey, lead vocalist, trombonist and accordion player for the band, recently sat down with The Night Vibe ahead of their album tour, which takes in shows in Albury, Melbourne and Adelaide.

“It’s all happening in The Timbers and it’s a big relief to finally have the album out after so much recording and planning and building up to this moment. The few people that have heard it are loving it, and we can’t wait to get it out to more and more people.” Basey said.

Since the first taste from the band Greet The Sun EP in 2011, there has been considerable change in the line-up of the outfit which inturn has influenced the way in which The Timbers operate. “With the inclusion of Kyle on Trumpet and Joe on Banjo, there are a lot of different influences that are more geared towards gypsy and brass elements. The Songwriting process has developed from just myself writing most of the songs to having three songwriters.”

The recording process for Lawless was a lot more relaxed compared to the previous EP’s, which saw the band record in little spurts over the course of about a year. “I think over the duration of the sessions, we got a lot better at recording ourselves and we are really happy with how things turned out.” One of the main aspects of Mumford and Sons music that Basey admires so much is the process in which the band records. “The acoustic spacing and how they all get into a massive hall together to record, is something that I really like. I am a big fan of male vocal harmonies and enjoy the dynamics that they create and I think that with Lawless we have emulated a similar sort of sound.”

Having played alongside the likes of The Beards, Saskwatch, The Woohoo Revue in recent times, The Timbers are heading out on the road and can’t wait to take this new album to the people. “We are very excited to head out on the road, so don’t be shy come out and see us and come up and say hi!”

It takes a minute or two to get into ‘Gallantry’ but it’s worth the wait



Tour Dates

May 16 AMC Sessions

Goodwood Institute


May 17 Album Launch

The Jade Monkey


Jun 8/9

Sea and Vines Festival

McLaren Vale


Aug 2

Beards Album Launch

The Gov


Aug 10

Trinity Sessions

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