The Saboteurs To Play Bluesfest in 2019!

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As a 17 year old, I remember vividly my days of playing in my teenage rock band. We were young, we tried to be Radiohead, but that didn’t work. Now 2008 was a big year in terms of music. After the release of Broken Boy Soldiers in 2006, The Raconteurs otherwise known as the Saboteurs in Australia, released the album Consolers of the Lonely.  

Now most people will know The Saboteurs for their track ‘Steady As She Goes’ which reached #28 in the Hottest 100 countdown for 2006. Today, Bluesfest broke the news that the band are reforming and their first official show as a band in 10 years will be at Byron Bay next easter. 

In addition to this, The Saboteurs have also overnight dropped two new tracks which you can stream below. That can only mean one thing….NEW ALBUM! huzzah. 

Here’s hoping for a FULL Australian tour. It’s been a good while since the boys were playing together and it’s long overdue. More info as it comes to hand.

You can find out more on Bluesfest at

Byron Bay Bluesfest runs from Thursday April 18 to Monday April 22. 

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