The Drones are Feelin’ Kinda Free

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Christian Strybosch is like Pete Best, however at the end of the day, he is still drumming in The Drones, and god knows what Best is doing as he is now known as that guy that once upon a time drummed for The Beatles, before they discovered that Mr Thomas the Tank Engine aka Ringo Starr could drum and music was changed forever. Anywho, that’s how we begin the conversation as Christian is huddled in a little café in Little Bourke Street with the world buzzing on around him. It may have been ten years out of the saddle however as he relates it feels like he never left.


Releasing their new studio album Feelin’ Kinda Free a few months back, getting behind the kit and playing old and new material is a very positive and joyous experience indeed. “Pete didn’t come back to The Beatles though and I am back to stay now, whether everyone likes it or not and there is the same amount of energy in the band as when I left. We go out on stage and give it 110% and it always feels good.”


Recorded in their own studio in Fitzroy, the band took time to piece together their seventh studio album and it sounds as wigged out and experimental as you would expect. “We run our own record label and to a point, it helps the creativity. It’s like a little clubroom and we can record and rehearse and all our mates are there and it is nothing short of a bloody good time. It took a long time to piece together Feelin’ Kinda Free given that there was a change in the sound and direction of the band but finally we are here and everyone is excited to get out on the road and play it. It’s really good to not have the pressure of having to deliver an album to a deadline. Being able to step away and think about it and where it should head really helped things I think.”


Currently on the road at the moment, be sure to catch The Drones in action at their 170 Russell show on May 20th. If past performances are anything to go by, this is going to be nothing short of spectacular.


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