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To get two heavy weights of the Indie folk pop genre together on stage is a feat in itself. In 2006, Josh Pyke threw in his full time job at a record store to hit the road with Bob Evans and it was the start of something big. Never since that day has Pyke had to do much else then get up on stage and sing his heart out night after night. Entitled Another Evening with Josh Pyke and Bob Evans, this was a show that took everything you could have ever wanted what you were expecting and delivered on every promise.

In 2006, the solo musicians would play a set each and then come together at the end for a combined bash, but older and wiser the two tackled the Corner Hotel crowd as one unit from start to finish. Technical difficulties with the Midi keyboard meant that Pyke had to use his IPhone to power it and so if it died during the set, we were all stuffed.

One of the greatest things about this tour was the setlist had slices of everything. Like that time when you have to create a fruit platter for a summer party and you take a bold move to include pineapple amongst watermelon. Let’s face it, it’s a personal preference how close your pineapple comes in contact with other favourites of yours. Opening with Make You Happy off Chimney’s Afire, the duo went song for song in a set that brought Christmas cheer to everyone in the room.

Although there were complications with getting two new tracks that the duo recorded to ticket holders, the possibility of uploading it to Myspace or a strange messagboard somewhere on the internet gives everyone hope that one day they will hear Desperate and What The Future Holds. The first set of the show concluded with a Rock Paper Scissors battle to see who would lead the crowd into the intermission. Evans lost and so Pyke rounded with The Lighthouse Song and Goldmines off the Feeding The Wolves EP.  be02

Evans kicked off the second set with Friend off the delightful slice of pop genius that is Suburban Songbook and stated that “I make up for not being able to sing like an angel like Josh by having my own lighting display” before hitting the power on his portable Christmas lights setup that run around the border of his guitar.  Witty banter between the two about the possible reasons why they don’t get commercial radio play anymore, was comical and brought happiness to a year that has been marred by so much negativity. It was also sublime to see the praise for each other and the fans that have been there since day one.

One of the key things about this tour was that one of the main ideas all along was that the boys would take the lead vocal on at least one of the others song. Pyke lead us through Sadness and Whiskey in the first set whilst Evans got the crowd going with Lines On Palms that segued into 500 Miles by the Proclaimers. Which for the record got the near capacity audience into a mass singalong.

I think I speak for everyone when I say although this was a one off thing, it could quite easily turn into a biannual Christmas party. Top blokes and the best banter between the two, let’s hope this happens again.

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