Tales Present To You Their Top Five Bands That Have Gone Through Reinvention

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Out of South Australia, Tales make music that allows you to float into their dreamy folk indie vibes. It’s an easy escape for those days that really get the best of you, yet Tales will always be there for you and have your back. You can check out their video clip for ‘So Blue’ below. The song was written with fellow South Australian folk legend Timberwolf, and you need it in your life right now. 

To celebrate the release of the video, Tush from the band has sat down with The Night Vibe to run us through the top 5 bands that have undergone reinvention. So without any further ado….let’s get into it. 


“Well, funnily enough, Coldplay changed their name a couple times. But they were mainly known as ‘Starfish’ back in their college days. Once Will Champion joined the band, they had changed their name to ‘Coldplay’. The name change came from another artist who was no longer using that name, and told them they could have it. How crazy is that!”

Earth, Wind and Fire

“Well before Earth Wine & Fire landed their awesome name, they were known as, ‘The Salty Peppers’. Not really sure how they went from that to what they’re currently known as. I wish I knew more.” 


“Kurt has gone through many name changes before he landed on Nirvana. Their first demo was titled ‘Fecal Matter’. He since changed the band name a few more times, before finally releasing their first single in 1988 as, Nirvana. Fun fact: Dave Grohl didn’t join the band until 1990.”


“I love Outkast. Before this name, the two lead men were torn between two other titles! They were, ‘The Misfits’ and ‘Two Shades Deep’. Fortunately for them, these names were already in use back then, so they took a different route and found a synonym for the word, misfit. The rest is history!”

Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Okay so The Chili’s have a weird but awesome name. But what they were previously known as was even stranger. They were known as, ‘Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem’. Imagine if they had stuck to that name! Such a cool name haha. The name changed after their first two shows. “

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