Sweet Jean hit back strong with new Album Monday To Friday

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Sime Nugent is a busy man, by day he is a carpenter yet by night he straps on the acoustic guitar and plays scintillating lead licks in both his country band The Wilson Pickers and folk acoustic trio Sweet Jean. With the release of the new album Monday To Friday, the band is expanding into new sonic landscapes and it really lends itself positively to album #2 and the next exciting news is throughout June and July you will be able to hear the songs in the live format as the band tours nationally.

“I’m in my furniture workshop building a large piece of furniture. I’ve been a full time musician for many years and I love furniture making and music as well as being creative throughout theatre design and a whole stack of different things. We are really excited to be releasing this album because we have spent the best part of eighteen months tinkering away in our home shed and John Castle came along for the ride as producer as well, but it feels great to finally have it out to the world.”

Straight off the cuff, the sound to this record is nothing like you’ve heard before. A deliberate decision by the band, Sweet Jean have moved in a more electronic kind of pathway and upon listening, it is sure to bring a smile to your face. “We decided to ditch the banjos this time around and it all started when I converted our tiny little laundry into a studio in our house in Brunswick. We started out working in there and found the model for the Songwriting changed quite a bit. Landscapes were created and we started pushing the song through those landscapes. I think that’s where some of the bentness comes from.”

As you would expect, having the home studio led to Sweet Jean flourishing with creativity throughout rather than having to deliver on a deadline. Although it still begs the question, what does the duo do about clean clothes? “It was just the three of us throughout the making of this album (Alice, John and myself) and that allowed us to experiment a lot more than Dear Departure. We were only answerable to each other.” Featuring a sensational cover of Womack and Womack’s ‘Teardrop’, Monday To Friday is an album that at the forefront is three musicians in a room, however the finished product is much more than that. Expansive synth driven electro runs, although it took the best part of 2 years to put together, it has definitely been worth the wait.

“We were really hitting a wall with a tune in the studio one day and I just really wanted to hear Alice sing ‘Teardrop’, it was a very spare of the moment thing but I think you are able to hear on the album that it just really worked.”

Monday to Friday is out now. Check out all the tour info below 

Tour Dates:
Friday 1 July Music on The Hill, Red Hill VIC
Fri 8 – Sun 10 July Bello Winter Music Festival, Bellingen NSW
Friday 15 July Skukum Lounge, Ashgrove QLD
Saturday 16 July Mullum Ex Services Club, Mullumbimby NSW
Thursday 21 July Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine VIC
Sunday 24 July Wheatsheaf Hotel, Thebarton SA
Saturday 30 July Northcote Social Club, Northcote VIC
Thursday 4 August Brighton Up Bar, Darlinghurst NSW
Saturday 6 August Caravan Music Club, Oakleigh VIC



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