Saturday Night Feels

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It’s Saturday Night in early May and the weather is a little depressing. Despite it not being entirely cold, it’s enough to bring the mood down. That said though, thats the thing about winter. Everyone seems to be a little bit down however, there is one thing that connects us that really gets us through. You may already know what i’m on about, but it’s music. It also has been and it always will be.

Now for another fact that you more often that not, will be aware of. Albums are released on Fridays. Little did I know, this only came into effect on Friday July 10 2015. Every week without fail, I alike probably thousands of others around the world, wake up on a Friday and flick into the New Releases tab on Spotify to hit up what’s hot. It’s hard to know where to turn though because sometimes there is 20 albums coming out on the same day and like it can be a little bit daunting and a head spin. If I am completely honest with you, when I flicked open the new releases tab this week, I expected to see Electric Light by James Bay. The follow up to 2015’s Grammy nominated album Chaos and the Calm. That said though, it was a case of mistaken identity. I misread the release and premiere of new music on NME and thought it was to come out yesterday.

That said however, if you are getting ready for the release as I am, a) you’ll have to wait until May 18 (two weeks) and b) you can indulge the first single ‘Wild Love’ below.

If were talking about great albums that came out yesterday, we should look no further than Leon Bridges. Dropping the follow up to his debut Coming Home, he ventures into new territory on this album getting a little bit jazzy and moving away from the RnB sound that was all over tracks such as ‘River’ and ‘Twistin’ and Groovin’. I think that my favourite track of the record so far is ‘Beyond’ get it around your earholes here.

It’s Saturday night and whilst I probably should be dropping a banger for your house parties. I’m going to do the opposite. The first curated Night Vibe Spotify playlist is coming this week, and if that doesn’t get you excited then, I am all out of ideas.

Have a good start to the week




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