Phillip Phillips – The World From The Side Of The Moon

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He may be from American Idol, however The World From The Side of the Moon, the debut album from Phillip Phillips, is a solid set of songs.  Over the past few months you may have heard his single ‘Home’ kicking around commercial radio stations every few minutes and yes, that track has its moments with strong comparisons to Mumford and Sons, however there are many more terrific moments on this album.

I think the song that I love most off this record is ‘Gone Gone Gone’ the instrumentation and arrangement is catchy and although most people would associate Phillip Phillips with ‘Home’ you should get your ears around this track and get ready for the release of his new album, which is due out in mid May.  The thing about those talent shows is that most of the artists you only here about once but with release of his second album coming up Phillip Phillips is a name that we will definitely here into the future. If you haven’t heard this album yet, you should at the very least check out the singles off it.

Track I’m Lovin’: 

Latest Single ‘Raging Fire’ :

Check Out ‘Raging Fire’ I really like the direction that Phillips is taking with his music. Stay tuned for a review of the new album upon it’s release.


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