On Repeat: Snow Patrol- A Hundred Million Suns

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How do you follow up the album that was voted to contain the number one song of the noughties on it by Channel 4? Do you go back to the drawing board for where your success as a band began and try and emulate that again? Do you bring in different instrumentation and songwriting methods to expand your palate? By 2008 after the success of 2006’s Eyes Open, Snow Patrol were signified as one of the acts that could bring it, to an album. 

Opening on a plateau of acoustic guitars and the tinkling of a grand piano ‘If There’s A Rocket Tie Me To It’ sets the tone for the album that showcases the emotive lyricism of Gary Lightbody that after repeat listens hooks you back in for more. The driving crunch of guitars in the chorus and heavy hits from Jonny Quinn behind the kit give the song an added grit and intensity.

The thing about music, is that it’s subjective. But also allows for others to inform their friends and colleagues about great music that they have heard. There isn’t anything to say that A Hundred Million Suns is Snow Patrol’s magnum opus, if anything it’s probably it’s predecessor that does that, Eyes Open. 

This track in particular, has been stuck in my head for weeks and what sparked the On Repeat idea. If your looking for an album with various elements of light and shade and great catchy songs then A Hundred Million Suns is where it is at.  Put the kettle on and settle back because the Snow Patrol boys have got your midweek turn back sorted. 

If this post hit you in the nostalgic feels then check out the Snow Patrol classic ‘Chasing Cars’. 196 million streams cant be wrong!

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