Naked Bodies Piranha Review

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When Little Red broke up a couple of years ago, there was quite a bit of talk about what each of the band members were going to do. Bassist Quang Dinh, started a Melbourne rock and roll outfit called Naked Bodies. Over the past three years, the boys have been defining their own brand of psychedelic rock and roll that can draw comparisons to The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Velvet Underground.

Their debut album entitled Piranha is one amazing rock and roll journey. Throughout the ten songs and 35-minute album, there is a mixture of emotions and feelings as the songs roll on. Opening with ‘Ugly Morning’, there are some mariachi guitar lines and although it starts to sound a little spooky to begin with, this album flourishes into one of the most impressive releases of the year thus far.

‘Ride On’ sounds like a B side to a Steppenwolf record and showcases the influence of The Drones, The Kinks and The Pixies on the band. If you were to download this record and put it on your summer tunes and roadtripping playlist you would definitely not be disappointed. If you have heard of a little band called The Strokes, ‘Ride On’ sounds like those guys could cover it for Like A Version. Having just played a couple of shows with Steve Smyth, the band is headed back to play at the Barwon Club on June 7th.

The crowning glory of this album however is ‘Hollywood Boulevard’ which in its two and a half minutes shines through as the catchiest and radio friendly track. If local rock and roll is what your after, look no further than Piranha by Naked Bodies, an incredible debut record and it will be interesting to see what the band follows it up with, given that this first effort is so damn good. Available to listen to and stream on all your favourite platforms, what are you waiting for? Hit this album up today! 😀

Stayed tuned to the Night Vibe as we chat to the band closer to their June 7th Barwon Club show.

Check out this latest video for ‘Ride On’ below 🙂






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