My Biggest Idol with….. Spectoral

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Tell us about the first time you heard your biggest idol.   
I have a few musical idols that I consider equal first-place. But today I’m going to shout out John Mayer. First time I heard him I was still a kid in school, I just chanced upon one of his songs on the radio and enjoyed it so much I went home and downloaded everything I could get my hands on. The song was “Bigger Than My Body”… I didn’t know how to describe it at the time, but the way he resonates that opening guitar riff to make it sound almost like a synthesizer, it hooked me in immediately, then all those lyrics about following your dreams, being “so much more than your body gives [you] credit for” – I thought “this is genius, I need more of this”.

Why is John Mayer stand out to you (what sets them apart)?  
Mayer is a completely different musical genre to me. My singer-songwriting falls into Indie R&B, soulful territory. But he’s still up there for me because of his lyrical introspection. He’s never afraid to go full personal revealing all his fears and insecurities. A few years ago he threw himself under the bus, being a douche in an interview about some past flings, and it took him years to shake off this public perception of him as nothing more than this shallow, cocky womaniser. It was very disappointing.

Maybe he still hasn’t shaken that off completely. But for me, my admiration of him has been about how personally invested he is with his songs. They drip with genuine personality instead of seeming manufactured and surface-level. I don’t know a thing about guitar playing, I barely even know how to hold one. But Mayer’s got this eagerness to express himself to the world with his instrument and I hugely admire that. I want to match it in my own genre.

Favourite Album?
Heavier Things. It’s a classic from 2003. It’s ten tracks I’ve lyrically studied time and time again… the way he questions his emptiness on “Something’s Missing” without giving a reason for why. The self-observation and admission that he was “born a house cat, by the slight of [his] mother’s hand” on “Home Life”. The album opener “Clarity” is this warm Sunday-afternoon jam of golden horns that’s just about the fleeting nature of a great moment. And the album closer “Wheel” is also about people coming and going in your life, and it has one of the most bittersweet lines ever; “if you never stop when you wave goodbye, you just might find if you give it time, you will wave hello again”.

Favourite Three Tracks
It’s difficult to pick only three. But going by his most personal, most vulnerable moments ever, it’d have to be “Stop This Train” which is about the fear of losing his parents. “Born And Raised” which is about coming to terms with growing older without a family of his own. And “3×5” which is about wanting to see the beauty of the world without stopping to capture every moment with a camera.

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