Muse- The 2nd Law

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I started listening to their new single on Triple J, when it dropped about a month ago and absolutely hated it. I thought, ‘where are Muse going?’ and ‘what are they trying to say within their new music?’. Furthermore, there has been a lot of criticism of the new material, and it is with their new album entitled ‘The 2nd Law’ that Muse have stepped out and broke all the boundaries and preconceptions of their music.

Following on from the orchestral vision on their previous album ‘The Resistance’, the material on this album is altogether rocking. I am fully aware that fans of their older material, may have doubts about the new stuff but after a few listens, you can’t help but get into the new grooves that they are laying down.

The opening track ‘Supermacy’ begins with a guitar riff that would most probably be heard in the work of The Kills, however, the orchestral sections become prevalent and it starts to sound like a theme song for the James Bond franchise which is constantly sweeping the world. It feels a little spooky very suited to a spy film. Check out the live version from their recent performance on Jools Holland’s show.

The highlight of the album for me, however is ‘Madness’ which has this chilled groove behind it and is altogether delicious. They are rumored to be coming to Australian within the next year or so and if it is like any of their previous tours, it will be full of amazing lighting effects and a stage show which will only leave you wanting more. The video clip to ‘Madness’ is although a little quirky in the first couple of seconds, grows into a great visual interpretation of another soon to be Muse classic!



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