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Max Hershenow lays bundled up in a trailer out the back of the John Peel stage, huddled between a bucket and clutching for warmth under the warm security of a blanket as he begins to regret the events of the night before. Secondhand Rapture, the debut album from Brooklyn based electro pop duo MSMR was released a couple of months prior and since then they have developed into one of the most hyped acts around.

Time ticks away as the band are about to take to the stage for what is the most important show of their career. Although Hersenow doesn’t seem to be in any fit state to be performing on stage after hitting up one of the numerous parties around the festival site. That isn’t to say that MSMR are big on hitting the beverages hard just that they know how to bring the party to a festival. “I was violently ill” Hershenow recalls as he sits in his apartment in LA after just having a bite to eat, the weather is quite mild today as we look forward to their return to Australia for the Groovin’ The Moo appearance and subsequent sideshows throughout the end of April.

“This was one of the first festivals that we actually ever played and it was one of the most incredible weekends of my life. We played twice and after the first show we went out and partied pretty hard and it was the best night of my life. It was so fun. I woke up with the worst hang over ever and I couldn’t hold down any food despite Lizzy’s best attempts to help me eat something. We stole a duvet from the hotel and I was cuddled up backstage when our tour manager came in and said that Prince Harry was in the crowd to watch our set. I obviously had to pull it together for Prince Harry and I felt really happy with my performance given my state. I had another drink and then we partied some more, it was a great weekend. But quite touch and go to a point as well.”

The impetus for revealing one of the party hard moments of their early career, was chatting about one of my favourite tracks of their 2015 follow up How Does It Feel. Within ‘No Guilt In Pleasure’, Plapinger croons the line No one on the outside has heard from me in weeks wrapped up in the chaos, come too far to recede. It seems that despite the easy nature in singing this line, that there was something a little more going on in Plapinger’s head. Dark mindsets, personal loss, or grieving are the obvious lyrical motives that come to mind, however it was the polar opposite as Hershenow reveals.

“That track is about the excitement and joy and euphoria of being festival musicians and having the opportunity to go out and play to thousands of people. The dark seedy underbelly and electricity to the air that you can feel upon arriving at the site. It can be a bit scary at times too, but it’s about how exciting being in those moments can be.”

Having played alongside Jagwar Ma and The Strypes on the John Peel Stage and gearing up to support Bloc Party throughout their US tour later in the year including a show at the Hollywood Bowl, MSMR are headed to our shores to hit up the Moo. “Usually when we hit up festival bills we have quite a few friends on the lineup. However, this time around we don’t. It’ll be really fun to make a bunch of new friends and play some shows in towns that we didn’t get too last time when we played at Splendour in the Grass. I’m really looking forward to it and everyone should come out and party it up with us. We are bringing nothing but good times.”



Thu 28 April Metro Theatre Sydney NSW

Fri 29 April Prince Bandroom Melbourne VIC

Tue 3 May Triffid Brisbane QLD

Thu 5 May Rosemount Hotel Perth WA

And Groovin The Moo nationally


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