Mayfair Kytes Release One of the Albums of the Year in Animus

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Chapels are more often than not sacred places of worship and somewhere to marry your love, however Matt Kelly from Melbourne indie rockers Mayfair Kytes believes that you are able to record an album there, and over the course of a year, that is how their debut album Animus came to be. Equal parts experimental and luscious through the string arrangements featuring players of the MSO and Willow Stahlut from the Cinematic Orchestra, it is a very bold and enduring debut album. Sitting in his home office in Brunswick, Kelly maintains a bravado to his voice, despite this interview being in a stack one after another.

It seems a little unusual to record an album in a converted chapel, however more and more these days people are turning to their bedrooms and laptops to create tunes rather than hitting up the big professional studios. “We could have done it in an actual chapel,” Kelly relates, “However it is actually converted into an arts space and it was an amazing recording environment to be in. It was a little therapeutic andallowed for the album to get some sounds and moods that we may have not been able to get otherwise.”


From the get go, Animus was always slated to be one lengthy piece of work. In saying that the album journey was always at the forefront of Kelly’s mind when writing. “It’s only 32 minutes long and I think that it really hits the mark. It’s not too short and allows the listener to delve into my headspace for a bit. In a time where you can pick songs as singles of Itunes, having an album that holds an idea throughout each song, is important in this time.”


Sleepyhead the main single was inspired by Kelly’s former partner who was a dental nurse and part of her job was to wake at 5am. The longing disparity in the waking hours led for the chorus to take shape into what we can hear today. Having already launched the album to rave reviews in Melbourne and Sydney, the band are surely going to be hitting the road later on in the year, so keep an eye out on all their social networks. Animus is an album that builds upon each listen so when you give it a try, make sure to hit repeat again and again due to the multi layering of instrumentation.



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