Loren Kate Till Night Meets The Sun REVIEW

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Loren Kate is a definite talent to watch. Having won the Telstra Road to Discovery competition last year, she has just released her new EP Til Night Meets The Sun. Opening with ‘Silver and Gold’ this EP is full of heartwarmingly honest lyrics and beautiful melodies. A rollicking guitar full band feel, this song talks about Kate’s early life in which her parents divorced and she started school although it is detested in this song. But when you have such a talent like this, why should you waste it in classrooms studying to be a doctor? I can truly feel that Kate only had one occupation on her mind when she was finishing school and that was stealing everybody’s hearts with her blissful and unique brand of folk acoustic pop music.

Hailing from Adelaide upon finishing her high school studies, Kate took a train to Northern NSW to cut her teeth as a musician and ten years on, she has a whole stack of experience. Having supported the likes of Vika and Linda Bull, Steve Poltz, Harry James Angus and Tinpan Orange to name but just a few, Loren Kate is a definite talent to watch. Having just returned from playing the Americana festival in Nashville, big things are forecast for Kate into the future. Featured extensively on radio throughout Australia, if you haven’t got around these sweet melodies yet, then i don’t know what your waiting for.

Beautiful sweeping melodies and songs throughout Til The Night Meets The Sun, if you are after an easy Sunday morning chillout tape after a big night or are just looking for a sweet relaxing listen, then here it is.


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