Loren Kate is smashing it from Mullum to Nashville and Back Again

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Loren Kate has just returned from performing and recording in Nashville and has definitely made a solid statement with her most recent EP Till The Night Meets The Sun. Although she’s a little jetlagged as we begin to talk about her career thus far, she is full of excitement and praise as we begin to chat about the musical mecca that is Nashville, Tennessee. “I went to an open mic in Nashville whilst I was there and there was a waiting list of 48 people wanting to play. You have to get on the phone at 1pm to Douglas’s Corner Café and I was on hold for so long and I finally got through. I was #28 on the list. It is definitely a happening place.”

One of the coolest things about the recent US tour is that Kate got the opportunity to play at the infamous Bluebird café. This café which has seen Taylor Swift discovered and the likes of Joni Mitchell and Dave Grohl amongst nearly everybody else important in the American music scene play there since opening in 1982. So playing in one of the most infamous music venues in Nashville, by learning about the talent that has played there, must have been such a big feat right!?

“It felt quite surreal to know who has been on that stage before me. It’s an iconic world stage and such beautiful audiences attend. People that love music go to these gigs, and you could hear a pindrop whilst I was playing. It was so nice to play in such a beautiful venue and have your music respected. I also got the opportunity to record with Nielson Hubbard and cowrite with Kim Ritchie who has done a lot of work with the Nashville TV show. It was a very cool experience indeed.”

Although there is no word yet about where the new songs will appear, with such an awesome music scene surrounding the recording in the US, it is no doubt going to be stellar. The latest release however is a blissful pop folk acoustic listen and well worth checking out, that much is for sure. “My previous albums have been songs that have been sitting around in the bank for a while, whilst this latest release is songs I’ve written over the past two years. The songs are about my childhood and my parents and losing a partner a few years ago and so the themes im singing about are quite broad, I feel that the songs have a similar vibe and a similar feel to them. I hope everybody else likes them too after putting in so much emotion to these songs.”

Playing at the Mullum music festival on the 21st and 22nd of November as well as Maldon Folk Festival next weekend, you are no doubt likely to hear some new material. The rest of 2015 and 2016 sees Kate heading back into writing mode once again for the next release that is sure to see the light of day soon. However, in the meantime check out Till The Night Meets The Sun. 

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