King of the North

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Without a doubt one of the hardest working Australian rock acts at the moment, is King of the North. If you have been following their pursuits on social media, you will know that they have been playing a lot of gigs in Regional Victoria and down the Surfcoast over summer. As expected, Andrew or Higgsy as he is better known, is full of excitement to get back down to play some coastal shows.

“To be honest it reminds me a lot of where I grew up. I grew up in Adelaide and my mates and me were all skaters and surfers and I spent a lot of time as a kid on the beaches of Adelaide. We used to travel down the south coast to go surfing and come across to Falls Festival over New Years and hang out on the Vic surf coast and I’ve always loved it down there. There’s a big laidback surf-y culture to Torquay, which I really like and it’s great. I’ve made so many friends down there and so to a point, it’s almost a second home. I can’t wait to jump up on stage once again.”

A few weeks before I get the opportunity to talk to Higgsy, the band has just signed a deal in Europe for the release of their no holds barred rockin’ debut release Sound the Underground. After touring constantly for the past couple of years, being able to hit the ground running on a new continent and play to some new audiences, is something that KOTN are very excited about.

“It feels really good man to finally have broken the seal on Europe. A lot of the American bands and European bands that we have toured with have said that we would really benefit from going to Europe. The label is Bad Reputation and they are based in Paris and are responsible for breaking Electric Mary in Europe. Those guys are massive over there and so if we could do the same then, that’d be awesome.”

If you have been holding out for the follow up to Sound The Underground, you might have to wait a little longer due to the unexpected circumstances whilst the band was on tour last November touring around with The Mark of Cain. “I actually had a whole bunch of things stolen out of my hotel room one night and that was pretty much the base of the whole second album. My laptop, phone, wallet was always stolen and as a result, were touring Europe this year and Australia will have to wait for the follow up. You can blame the guy that stole my gear for that one!”



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