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Josh Pyke oozes a quite confidence as we sit on a comfortable black leather couch and chat about his fifth studio album But For All These Shrinking Hearts. Leading up to the release of the record, it may seem that the pressure might be getting to Pyke however, he is relaxed as we begin to chat about Vance Joy, the new sound and how fatherhood has changed the shape of this album and Pyke’s acoustic troubadour sounds.

The man needs no introduction and since releasing his debut record Memories and Dust back in 2007, he has become one of the most loved Australian artists in contemporary music. ”It’s an unknown and something that is completely out of my control. You can drive yourself crazy by thinking about how the audience will receive it and that’s when the second-guessing begins. I’m proud of this record and I hope that everybody likes it as well”.

The record took the best part of 24 months to write and in the later stages involved the talents of Vance Joy producer John Castle, to put the finishing touches on. The latest single entitled Hollering Hearts showcases a new direction in sound for Pyke who turned to the ukulele in the writing process.

“I traded one guitar in, it was a really good Guild acoustic, I bought a bass, a lapsteel, an autoharp, a ukulele and a 12 string. I was just messing around on the uke and it wrote itself from there. I had finished the record and was hanging out at home with my little son and played it to him and instantly I knew that his vocal had to be mixed in.”

One of the interesting factors to Pyke’s discography, is that every studio effort, finishes with a quieter and somewhat sombre number. Pyke reveals that I was the only journalist to ever pick up on the fact and he related that a quiet and reflective piece is always on the cards to close a record. “Every album, I always want to finish with something meaningful. I know that a lot of people don’t really care about albums and track listing anymore, but I do and it’s a big part of the post production process for me.”

In talking about the large back catalogue Pyke now obtains, I can hear the indecision in his voice when I question him about his favourite Josh Pyke song. Is he a fan of The Summer or is he more of a Middle Of The Hill kinda guy. “There’s about 100 songs out there in existence now and I cull really early. Unless I really love it, it gets cut pretty quickly. Parking Lots, Love Lies and I think off this record my favourite would have to be When Your Colours Go.

If there was ever to be a zombie apocalypse think Shaun Of The Dead, what is one record that Josh Pyke would take with him for the rest of his life and why? “I think that I couldn’t take one album with me, maybe it would be a playlist. It would have to be Appetite For Destruction by Guns and Roses wouldn’t it? It’s appropriately titled and a killer from start to finish.”



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