Joe Camilleri and The Black Sorrows

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Over the next six months, Joe Camilleri and the Black Sorrows will visit Geelong twice in support of their latest album Certified Blue. A couple of weeks ago, the album went to number two on the ARIA Jazz and Blues charts, second only to Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s latest offering. Initially Camilleri doesn’t know whether the album fits on the chart, but is impressed with the accolade none the less. “It’s a Jazz and Blues chart first and foremost and I think that although Certified Blue does have some jazz and blues elements, it’s more of a rock record. There are a variety of different sounds on it and I am gracious at the support and respect that people have given it.” Camilleri said.

Many reviews and publicity of the record, that was released earlier in the year, say that Certified Blue is THE best record that the Black Sorrows have done. Camilleri is quick to follow on the belief of every musician releasing a new album, that the latest work is often your greatest. “You’re just trying to do the best you can with what you’ve got at that particular point in time.” The album features 15 new tracks from the band and was recorded over a period of 18 months. Speaking about the process of recording a (nearly) double album, Camilleri reveals that the follow up isn’t too far away.

“In those sessions, we recorded about 23 songs and so there is ten tracks that we can use for the next album. You always have the post-production process though and I think Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones said it best, ‘I’ve been playing for 50 years and 45 of those were just waiting around.’ When you release a record, you have to wait for the artwork and the pressing and then it’s finally released. This record was a lot of fun to make and we worked collectively to put the album together, even though there were new players that just joined the Sorrows.”

Following on from a family of musicians, Camilleri was always destined to be a rock and roll star. One of the most important bands pre Black Sorrows was The Pelaco Brothers, that featured Stephen Cummings on lead vocals. Talking about playing in the late seventies produces some great memories for Camilleri. “That was an art band and had many more concepts to the live show. Music was a vehicle for it. You could get away with a whole bunch of stuff in the live show and that led to a lot of mischief.”

Chatting about the long and illustrious career of Joe Camilleri he believes that Success defines itself. “There’s the obvious stuff like, if you have a hit record you’re successful. When you get down into it though, it’s really about what you want to achieve. If you believe in the albums you’re making, then you already feel that’s the best you can do. Making Certified Blue was a beautiful process and something that I wanted to do.”

Kicking off a couple of weeks ago, Camilleri and the Black Sorrows are currently touring around the country until March 2015. Excited about all of the opportunities ahead of them, Joe can’t wait to head to Geelong as well as release the new record, Endlessly.

“It’s a double album paying homage to some of my favourite musicians that have passed on. I’m very excited about releasing it and it should be here in early 2014. We do 150 gigs a year and so to be headed out on the road again, is really great. See you out there!”

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