Joe Bonamassa Different Shades of Blue REVIEW

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Joe Bonamassa is without a doubt one of the coolest blues guitarists I have had the pleasure of witnessing live. With such passion and integrity to his playing, he tears apart any room that he plays. He has released his eleventh studio album and whilst this blog post probably isn’t anything new given that the album was released in 2014, it is a ripper release and definitely one for blues fans or Bonamassa tragics alike. First getting on the bandwagon of Bonamassa in 2006, with the release of You and I it was the intense blues guitar goodness and awesome riffs that he was shredding that first got me hooked.

On Different Shades of Blue, Bonamassa takes his songwriting and arrangement of tracks to the next level and even throws in some horns for good measure on ‘Living on the Moon’. The guitars are crunchier and the band is tight. Having toured in Australia last year, he probably won’t be back for a while, however this album is worthy of a spin or two and an indulgent Youtube session to froth over his guitar collection. On that note, you should check out his collection from the Acoustic Live at the Vienna Opera House concert that was released back in 2013. This track in particular is a classic of Joe’s and a fan favourite at concerts.

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