Jeff Lang @ The Melbourne Guitar Show

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Jeff Lang is a master of the slide guitar. Since releasing his debut album Ravenswood in 1994, he has become one of the most celebrated guitarists in the Australian music scene today. Last year Lang released his eleventh studio album I Live In My Head A Lot 

These Days and in August is set to play at the Melbourne guitar festival which runs over Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th at the Caulfield Racecourse.

Talking about his appearance at the festival, Lang can’t wait to get up and play. Taking in songs from throughout his whole career, it is going to be a interesting set from a true Australian legend that will expand your mind as you listen.

“It will be awesome to play at this festival, there are some of Australia’s best players and I highly urge everyone to come out and embrace such an experience. There will be quite a few guitar makers exhibiting and I will be playing a solo set. The thing about my solo shows is that they are quite often loose and spontaneous and I pick the song I want to start with and the instrument and the show evolves from there. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen.”

Over his career, Lang has been fortunate enough to work with Bob Brozman and Chris Whitley in recording albums that are still seen 10 years later, as classic blues releases. Those experiences of being in the recording studio with such legends of the blues and roots scene are amongst some of the most memorable in Lang’s illustrious career thus far.

“Those things came about quite naturally and I knew Chris for 12 years, 11 of those before we started to do a record. Chris was a great guitarist and so I was always wondering why he needed me to play guitar for him.

Chris was the one that first suggested that we make an album together and I am glad that we did. Solo records are a sort of continuum, where you figure out things as you go along and I can remember certain turning points of albums. When you collaborate with someone, your walking into a different space and you have a different perspective on how things should work. Dislocation Blues is an example of that and something that I am still very proud of all these years later.”

Later in the year, Lang is set to play in China, an experience that would be quite unique given that the music Lang plays is quite westernised and the Chinese market is a little limited in musical discovery. “It’s a different experience, because playing outside of Beijing or Shanghai, there is not much culture of touring bands. You play in places were people aren’t that familiar with what happens at a gig. You encourage people to clap along and people look at each other thinking that it is quite novel. The language barrier isn’t so much of a big deal when you can hook people in with an ambience or a mood. It’ll be great to play in China once again and then start work on the follow up to I Live A Lot In My Head These Days”.

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