Garrett Kato That Low and Lonesome Sound Review

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If you were to take the silky smooth vocal abilities of Ben Howard and mixed it with City and Colour and put it through a little reverb, you would come out with the astounding talent that is Garrett Kato. Originally hailing from Canada That Low and Lonesome Sound his debut LP, is a record that is glittered with everything that stands for summer. If your headed off down the beach on a road trip, i think that this disc would very much be a welcome companion as you roll down the window and feel the breeze in your hair.

From ‘Arkansas’ to ‘Trouble Will Find Me’, I think that if Ryan Adams ever had to cover a tune for Triple J Like A Version, he’d have no trouble trying to find a track off this record to play. Banjo and sweet vocal melodies and instrumentation through ‘Sweet Jane’ make it a definite highlight on this disc. The main beauty through this album is that the songwriting is very simplistic at the core and that is what is so appealing. If you have tickets to Pete Murray’s Yours Acoustically tour you will no doubt bump into Garrett Kato as he is joining Pete on the road for 27 out of the 33 date tour. This is a very impressive record right from beginning to end and it showcases the potential that Kato has for the next record. But with something so astounding, the pressure will be on to deliver a cracker second record.

If you have been waiting for so long to find something to just indulge your ears in, look no further my friends, That Low and Lonesome Sound is an album that will definitely stand the test of time. Glistening with summer time feels like the suns morning rays on the ocean, what is there to say, but check out this folky masterpiece. A true statement as a debut album. Well done Mr Kato. Well done. 😀



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