Garrett Kato Delivers One Of The Albums of 2015- On the Road with Pete Murray

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Garrett Kato is currently touring around the country with Pete Murray on the Yours Acoustically tour, originally from Canada, Kato moved out here for love in the form of a partner and living in Byron Bay, (who wouldn’t? it is quite spectacular) and has undoubtedly released one of the most exciting albums of 2015. Sounding equal parts like City and Colour and Ben Howard with elements of delicate electric guitar that just sounds beautiful, it was awesome to have the opportunity to sit down and chat about one of the most expansive and majestic releases of 2015. Chatting at the start of the tour, Kato is full of praise for his partner in crime on this tour. “It was great to play with Pete last night man. The crowd was super attentive and responsive and a dude in the audience said I made him cry which was pretty weird I must admit.”

All I’m saying about this album, is that if you are able to make a full grown man cry with your music, then you really are onto a winning combination. On the road with one of our favourite singer songwriters of all time, Kato is learning a lot on this tour that he will take into his own headline shows later on in the year and into 2016. In the country since 2010, Kato makes no mistake in stating that he doesn’t feel like returning to Canada permanently when he has everything that he needs right here. “Time has definitely flown by here, and I started out just visiting and then on my first day here, I met a girl who lived across the hall. She was the kindest and prettiest girl I’ve ever met and so I didn’t want to turn down a good thing.”

That Low and Lonesome Sound took the best part of two years to put together and self producing the album meant that Kato could maintain all of the creative control. Learning how to record his own music although was quite a learning process, allowed for Kato to enhance his skillset as a musician, and now is producing other artists in his Byron Bay studio. Looking forward to 2016, Kato is excited about the opportunity to hit the ground running and play as many shows as possible as well as a few sneaky house concerts. Once you have heard this album, you will definitely want to be involved in having him play acoustically between your rose bushes. Definitely a talent to watch off the back of this record, Garrett Kato is evidence that the music scene of Australia is in good hands. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on social media for all the updates about where he is headed.


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