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Alex Oxley and Lisa Jeliffe first and foremost are husband and wife and also create some of the greatest electro tunes around. Since starting out playing in a dingy Shoreditch basement and putting on the greatest danceparty around, Fleetmac Wood have since toured all around the world with their high energy that pays tribute to the one and only, the legendary Fleetwood Mac. There aren’t to be written off as a tribute act though, the sounds and sonic landcapes that are created throughout their live show is something to behold.

2015 has seen the DJ remix duo light up the stage at Glastonbury and Coachella in the US and for the first time ever, Fleetmac Wood are set to bring the party to Boogie Nights at Falls Festival 2015 in the relocated venue of A Day On The Green Geelong and Byron and Marion Bay. Having played a few sideshow dance club gigs in the lead up to New Years, Fleetmac Wood are definitely ready to bring the party to the dancefloor when the time is necessary as Jeliffe relates.

“The first couple of shows on this tour have been really really good, Fleetwood Mac fans seen to be of a similar breed all across the world. They are enthusiastic and emotional and open people and if they come by themselves, by the end of the night they are hugging people. Close your eyes and get involved in the set by hugging a stranger you never quite know what could happen. It’s been a wonderful lot of shows so far and Falls is totally going to be off the charts.”

After reading numerous interviews on the internet, it seems that to a small number of individuals, there is a consensus that Fleetmac Wood are a tribute show. However, as Oxley and Jeliffe explain, having experienced the greatest band in the world throughout your childhood, come to the Falls shows, feeling ready to love thy neighbour and let the good times roll. “You’ve heard it through your headphones and in the car with your mum, now is the chance to hear it really loud, through a big soundsystem with thousands of your closest friends and I think that is the appeal of what we do as a DJ show! Everyone loves to get down and boogie and everyone should come down for one sweaty dance affair!”

If there is one hot tip that Fleetmac Wood has for you this year, it is to make sure you block out Leon Bridges to see because his debut record Coming Home has seen him go from strength to strength since it’s release earlier this year. “We saw him at a small tent at Glastonbury earlier this year, and he just blew us away. He has the whole tent in tears, and from gospel to soul and quite energetic, he is going to be remembered as one of the greatest artists of his generation.”

Fleetmac Wood plays Falls Festival Lorne, Marion Bay and Byron Bay  from December 28- January 1 2016.




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