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Yeah, okay, i know what your going to say, so why don’t you say it? It’s been a while, yes it has, but that said, there has been so many albums to gorge in the last month that it’s been a little bit hard to know where to turn. In the past month, 13 Reasons Why returned to our screens with a new soundtrack as well as new gear from James Bay, Courtney Barnett as well as the sublime debut record from Sydney indie rockers Middle Kids. Having seen these guys at Falls a couple of years back, it was easy to see that they were set for the big time.

So how do you figure out whats good and what’s mediocre? Well well, let’s start at the follow up to 2015’s Chaos and the Calm. Nominated for a Grammy, if you take the same mindset into Electric Light, you might be disappointed. With the trademark fedora gone, James Bay is back with a new haircut and a more intense sound. Coming out here for Splendour, it’s only about a month until we see how these songs stack up, but if you listen to Electric Light front to back for the first time, then you will have a deeper appreciation than chopping and changing from song to song. Stick with it, there is some fantastic tracks on there to get you through humpday.

If your looking for a bit more of a Country flavour to your mid week listening then get around the ninth studio album for American Country singer Dierks Bentley. Hitting hard with ‘Burning Man’ the album is the most expansive for Bentley and my definite favourite to be released from last week’s list of releases.

In No Particular Order, here are some albums i’ve been getting around:

Dierks Bentley- The Mountain
Leon Bridges- Good Thing
City Calm Down- Echoes In Blue
Ben Howard- Noonday Dream
Classic Turnback Of The Week: MOBY- Play (1999)

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