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By Miklós Tóth MD, András Csillag MD, PhD, DSc (auth.), András Csillag MD, PhD, DSc (eds.)

Although the sensory organs-particularly the attention and ear-are of serious scientific significance, the lecture time allotted to them within the anatomical curricula is proscribed due to their nice nomenclatural and physiological complexity. Sufficiently distinctive descriptions can often be chanced on in basic terms in multivolume handbooks or in expert monographs overlaying a unmarried sensory organ. In Atlas of the Sensory Organs: practical and medical Anatomy, a panel of specialist scientific educators and across the world popular comparative and developmental neuroanatomists concisely, yet completely, describe the 5 major human sensory structures including their neural pathways, from basic sensation to processing through the mind. The authors supply a close anatomical survey of every sensory organ, protecting their ontogeny (development), principal pathways, and useful mechanisms. The organs themselves are richly illustrated with mild and electron microscopic representations of fit and intact organs or tissues, other than the place pathology is without delay correct to realizing common constitution and serve as. Highlights comprise microanatomy and endoscopic photographs of the temporal bone, human embryonic specimens demonstrating the histology of the constructing ear, and scanning electron micrographs of the organ of Corti and the vestibular receptors. There also are easy-to-use tables offering an summary of the nerves and arteries of the attention and orbit, and medical specimens of the attention and optic pathways. A spouse compact disk comprises high-resolution copies of the colour illustrations utilized in the book.
accomplished and richly illustrated, Atlas of the Sensory Organs: sensible and scientific Anatomy offers a close portrait of the entire sensory organs and similar neural structures in one quantity replete with top of the range illustrations of unique specimens, recordings, and various schematic drawings.

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ATLAS—EAR Long crus of incus Pyramidal eminence Tendon of stapedius muscle Incudostapedial joint Ponticulus medialis Sinus tympani Promontory Handle of malleus (manubrium) Round window Tympanic opening of pharyngotympanic tube Styloid prominence High bulb (tympanic protrusion of internal jugular vein) Hypotympanic air cells Remnant of tympanic membrane 35 Fig. 39 Tympanic cavity. Antero-supero-medial view. Endoscopic image obtained by fresh cadaver examination. Note the characteristic course of the chorda tympani nerve, including two adjoining arches, one behind the manubrium of malleus and another in front of the manubrium.

13. 14. 50 Middle cranial fossa Groove for greater petrosal nerve Apex of petrous temporal bone Tympanic cavity Cochlea Malleus Incus Internal acoustic meatus Vestibule Tympanic part of facial canal Antrum Posterior cranial fossa Vestibular aqueduct Posterior semicircular canal ATLAS—EAR Fig. 55 Axial CT image of left temporal bone. Courtesy of K. Hrabák. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Tympanic cavity Head of malleus Modiolus Cochlea Cochleariform process Body of incus Internal acoustic meatus Vestibule Round window Foramen singulare Ampulla of posterior semicircular canal 12.

15. 16. 17. 30 Fossa articularis Fissura Glaseri Incisura tympanica (Rivini) External acoustic meatus Pharyngotympanic tube Semicanal of tensor tympani muscle Cochleariform process Facial canal, tympanic part Stapedial fossa Pyramidal eminence Carotid canal Lamina spiralis ossea Cochlea, first turn Round window Tympanic sinus Cavity of pyramidal eminence Facial canal, mastoid part ATLAS—EAR Fig. 34. Microdissection specimen of the lateral wall of middle ear. The tympanic part of temporal bone was cut away by a surgical drill.

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