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By John R. Beverley

This learn of Góngora’s Soledades is meant to summarize and talk about the various difficulties which appeared vital for a greater knowing of those poems. specific realization is paid to the 2 opposing ‘camps’ that built through the years; one almost always focussing at the shape and the opposite at the content material of Soledades. during this quantity the authors attempts to combine the tools and result of either one of the ‘camps’.

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Las aves -esquilas dulces de sonora plumaseñas dieron süaves del alba al Sol, que el pabellón de espuma dejó, y en su carroza rayó el verde obelisco de la choza. (I, 176-81) Recordó al Sol, no, de su espuma cana, la dulce de las aves armonía, sino los dos topacios que batía -orientales aldabas-Himeneo. Del carro, pues, febeo el luminoso tiro, mordiendo oro, el eclíptico zafiro pisar quería, cuando .. ] (I, 705-12) The piscatory sunrise which opens the Soledad segunda and the third period of a day yields: Ruiseñor en los bosques no más blando, el verde robre que es barquillo ahora, saludar vió la Aurora, que al uno en dulces quejas-y no pocasondas endurecer, liquidar rocas.

Leur rapport est celui d'une forme métrique et d'une substance poétique congruentes en raison de leur fondamentale identité. But "refus de structure" is too strong. The Soledades are not strictly astrophic; they only appear to be. Or, to put this another way, the enveloping, unmarked silva is the organic form of each canto, but in its process of development it produces miniatures of itself—Góngora's "tropos"—which the reader can isolate and identify. Natural form is thus both imitated and "read" in the Soledades, somewhat in the fashion that Gracián has the wild child, Andrenio, read the mysteries of nature from his island shelter in the Criticón : .

The Vicuña text of the Soledades is far from satisfactory in other respects, so that one may suspect a certain editorial anachronism in this method of presenting the poem. I am inclined to think, however, that it reproduces the form in which Góngora intended his silva to appear. For one thing, the sheer difficulty of reading page after page of the poem without stanzaic pauses suggests the "vacilando el entendimiento en fuerza del discurso, trabajándole" that Góngora writes about in his letter defending the composition of the Soledades.

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